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Designing a system is perhaps the most challenging step, but the time you invest here will pay off later.  All systems, except the American Press Brake, are 18”, front to back, and 36”, left to right.

Step 1-  Determine the height of the system (36, 48, 60 or 72 inch).  If you are building a tool crib system, we suggest the 60 or 72 inch units.  The 36 or 48 inch heights are more practical for the shop floor, and can be made mobile by adding a mobile base assembly.  The base will add 5 1/2 inches to the overall height.
For a mobile system, you may want to consider one of our pre-configured “Kit Carts”.  These systems have been designed to accommodate the most popular tooling groups.

Step 2 -   Decide whether to build a Standard Tooling system (both sides closed) or a Press Brake system (one side open).  If you are building an American Press Brake system, these units are 42” long and will require the longer mobile base and blank shelf units.

Step 3 - Your next choice will be the shelf configuration.  Determine what type of tooling you will be storing.  Current choices are Amada Thick Turret Style Fabricator, Strippit Thin Turret Style Fabricator, European and American Press Brake and Machining Center.  While making your tooling type choices, please keep in mind the spacing between each shelf.  You must leave enough room between shelves to remove long tooling from the storage pockets without hitting the tooling or shelf located above it.  This is all determined by the length of the tooling being stored. 

Step 4 - The final touches!  Consider adding a blank shelf to the top of your mobile unit or in any position of your taller stationary unit.  These provide an excellent workbench area or an area for storing miscellaneous machine accessories and parts.  If you are building a CNC Fabricator system, you may want to add a tool tightening fixtures.  If you are building a Machining Center system, don’t forget to check out the side mounted collet trays.  These will keep your collets organized and speed your set-up’s.   There's also a blank tray which creates a convenient place for oil cans, fasteners and other small parts on any system.  These products are all listed on the 'Accessories' page.

For a current catalog and price list please click this link:  JOBI Catalog

Some examples are shown below.  Preconfigured 'KIT' Carts are available, which may suit your needs for the shop floor.

           72" CAT40 System with Collet Trays                                  48" Amada Original with A, B, C, D & E shelves


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